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Problem recognising.tiff files on a shared drive.

#1 Richard_Healy
Hello LTR5 Forum!

I am a new user trying to use LTR5 pro to time lapse microscope slides, accessed over a shared network.

I can see the network drive, I can navigate to the folder where the .tiffs are - but nothing: it does not appear to recognise that there are any image files in that folder.

However, I can see in other folders on the shared drive, and in those it is recognising .jpgs - and activating all the LTR features in the ribbon.

So what is going on? I thought by purchasing and activating the pro license I would be able to build time lapses from .tiff files. Is this or is this not the case? And if it is, what on earth am I doing wrong?

Many, many thanks for any help that can be provided. To me this seems to be a feature that ought to work but isn't and I've no idea how to work around it.


Cambridge, UK.
#2 gwegner
Hi Richard, TIFF is not supported by LRTimelapse as an input format. TIFF is only being used as intermediary export format after any editing.
But you can use Lightroom to convert those TIFF files to DNG and then use the LRTimelapse workflow normally.
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