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Problem with bulb ramping compensation

#1 Enrico Righetti
Hi, I have a problem with my last sequences where I made manual bulb ramping during the shooting.

After loading the sequneze and applying the automatic holy grail proposed by LRT, I load the files in lightroom and I change the various keyframes to my liking. But when I go to re-import the sequence in LRT, after performing the self-transference, in the visual preview I have some jumps right at the keyframes. How can I solve this problem? It occurs in all the sequences with the bulb ramping.

#2 gwegner
LRTimelapse Holy Grail Wizard is not really designed to work with "Bulb Ramping". I advice agains using bulb ramping but doing exposure/Iso ramping instead, see: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-is-a...ime-lapses

I'm not totally sure what's happeining in your case - if could for example be that you added or removed linear gradients when editing the keyframes. Please only use the gradients provided by the initialization.
I'd recommend to restart with "Metadata/Initialize" and then do only the holy grail wizard (don't edit in Lightroom) and then directly activate the holy grail wizard. See if the pink curve gets rather smooth.
In the next step add some edits in Lightroom, again - check the results.
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#3 Enrico Righetti
Excuse me, I used the wrong term, exposure compensation I did it manually without any external device

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