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Problem within Lightroom and LRTimelapse filters

#1 ramigrafx
I have the latest version of Lightroom installed (I am an Adobe cc subscriber). I have LRTimelapse 5.5.5 installed.
I am just following through a tutorial and have realised that my Lightroom does not show any LRTimelapse filters installed at the lower right. Has LRTimelapse not been installed correctly?
#2 MMeier

Are you on windows? The following might help you:


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#3 ramigrafx
Thanks for the quick reply. I have resolved the problem. I forgot to change the settings in Preferences in Lightroom. Done that and now ok.
Is this really necessary because I like to have these boxes checked in the preferences whilst I am working on my other images and publishing them. I have managed using LRTimelapse before with both boxes checked
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2019-08-27, 16:58
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