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Prores medium quality or PhotoJPEG codec

#1 lkunl
Hi gwegner,

Is it possible to add PhotoJPEG to render option. I sell my footage on stock website.
They all accept Prores but after i render 4K Prores from LRtimelapse it make a bigger file size than most stock agency accept (>2GB).It will be nice if i able to choose medium quality for Prores or if LRtimelapse can render PhotoJPEG. So, I can upload footage to agency within they limit file size. (I dont have AE)

Thank you.
#2 Christoph S
Hi Gunther,

I also would be very happy to have a PhotoJPEG export option in LRTimelapse. Especially for 4k export, where Prores often gets too big and H.264 isnĀ“t always the best solution.

Also, often clients ask for PhotoJPEG instead of H.264 and it would be great to save time and not have to export in Prores only to convert to PhotoJPEG.

Another thought:
Would it be possible to also include and quicktime .mov container for the H.264 codec, as an additional option to the mp4 container.
In my case, clients often ask for .mov files.

Thanks anyways and keep up the great work!

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