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Qdslr Dashboard stability

#1 Joe_Belanger
Hi all,

I have read some reviews on DSLR Dashboard that it tends to crash a lot, especially on long time lapses.  Just curious on what your experiences might be (4-6 hour shoots, night to day and day to night) and what tips, ticks and tactics you use to improve stability, if any.  Some feedback I have received is that the dashboard has gotten a lot better from version to version.  How much better has it gotten? I just don't want to start setting up a long shoot and have the software crash. I've had enough failures from ramping units.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

#2 gwegner
I've no problems with stability with my nikons. Users with other Cameras sometimes had but that seem to be fixed with the latest update.
But anyway, you should never use any tool without practicing. Set or up in your backyard, even behind a window would do to capture a holy grail and test it before doing any important shoot.

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