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QDSLR Dashboard with NMX controller MOCO question/problem

#1 San Diego Guy
Hey All

Question for the experienced folks here.

I've been using and love the Dashboard software for ramping. 

I have a Nikon D750 and connect via internal wife to an android tablet, works great!


I just picked up the new Dynamic Perception Stage Zero slider with the new NMX controller.

I have that all up and working as well, connecting to the tablet via Bluetooth.  I have both setups figured out separately.

I've googled and googled, and read and read, but for the life of me, i cant get them to work together.  I've tried it all.  Both as a slave, and not (ask recommended by Gunther).

The D750 doesnt have a PC connection, but it does have the USB slot, and i have the appropriate cable.

When trying to get them to work together, should i be using the MOCO engine in the Dashboard software only or connecting to both dashboard and NMX?

Seems the MOCO option with Dashboard wont trigger the shutter in sync with the movement.

I've tried both with failed results, and i cant get them to sync to each other so that the shutter controls the movement.

What would be the proper way to set all this up?

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you
#2 gwegner
I recommend not using the MoCo in qDDB. Just setup the NMX in regular mode, set the interval in the NMX, make sure that exposure and focus times are 0.1. Now setup qDDB, make some test shots get all settings right.
Now switch to NMX again, start movement, it will trigger the camera, as any external intervalometer.
Now go back to qDDB and activate the Auto Holy Grail, it will receive the images from the camera and change settings accordingly.

Both systems basically operate individually, there is no direct connection. NMX will trigger the camera. And qDDB will just listen for the camera taking a new photo and submitting the preview. Therefore they will be always in sync.
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#3 San Diego Guy

Finally got around to trying exactly what you said.  Worked perfectly!

Thank you very much!

Very happy right now!  Can’t wait to get to work with it!


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