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qDslrDashboard on the Canon 7D Mk II

#1 jwpwhite
Has anybody got qDslrDashboard working with USB on the Canon 7D Mk II?
The Canon 7D Mk II uses USB 3 so would one need to get a USB 3 OTG cable?

I tried using a micro USB OTG cable plugged into my Samsung Galaxy S3 and then the standard USB 3 cable connected to the camera but this setup didn't work Sad

From what I can see in the forum, users have got it working with the wireless setup (TP-Link MR3040) however I am really keen to avoid going the wireless route in an effort to limit the amount of kit I have to charge and carry...
#2 jwpwhite
Tried a different USB OTG cable and it is now working with my Canon 7D Mk II
#3 meuselwitzer

What for a another OTG Cable do you use?

...also check out: