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Quicktime Render problem

#1 alhare
Hi, I'm new to timelapse work; I'm trying to render via After Effects a short TL in Quicktime format. When I select this option, the .mov file is large 3.41GB and after a second of normal TL playback it just 'sticks' and then jumps a few seconds later to another frame, 'sticks' on that frame until the end of the sequence. The codec is set to Animation.

However, when i select a H264 format (is this a format AND a codec, btw?-I notice H264 listed as a codec in the drop down box...) it plays fine. I need to use Quicktime for client purposes so this is really frustrating me...

#2 gwegner
This is more an After Effects issue than a LRTimelapse one, isn't it?
Sometimes the huge files just don't play but the files are fine. Try dragging the outputfile into After Effects and see if you can playback it in after effects.
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Render problem
2018-03-22, 23:42
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