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Radial Filter Issues

#1 ReLyt
I have the latest version of LRT5, as of July 17, 2019. Running on Mac with Mojave and having issues with the Radial filter (I am using 1 of the 2 that are in place by LRT).
Specially I’m trying use it to track the rising sun. I went to the key frame that has sun rising adjusted the filter, then in the next keyframe and moved it to the higher sun and so on. Then when I reloaded in LRT it put the adjustments into both of the provided radial filter pins, at their default location, and before the sun came up (before I used them). So creating a bright yellow dehazed spots on a mountain in my shot. Then when the sun rises when I used the filter, it works like it should.
Anyone else experience this?

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#2 gwegner
If you want to start such am animation on the middle of the sequence, you need to move the radial filter to the starting position right at the beginning of the sequence (with zero settings) and the start fading the settings in.
otherwise, if you start without this preparation, the filter will get animated from its default position (remember that the very first frame always is a keyframe. That means by default from there the filters at their default position will start their animation, if you don't change that position)
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#3 ReLyt
This makes sense. I’ll give it a shot.

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