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#1 Canonista
Sorry if the question about the following issue has already been discussed in the forum.

I have got the 5.2.2 Pro license. I make basic adjustments and I use only the LRTimelapse filters as the tutorials say. However, when I make an adjustment for example of color in a certain part, using a radial filter, to apply a little more color and highlight, that color adjustment made with the filter in a determined area, "moves during the video, moves like a ghost¡¡". (I do not know how to explain it)

Is it a LRTimelapse bug or fault?

Does anyone have the same problem when using the filters?

Any suggestions, explanation Gunther?
#2 gwegner
Most likely you didn't use the Sync script to bring the settings from one keyframe to the next. You need to process from left to right and for every new keyframe that you edit, sync the settings from the previous, as explained in the tutorials and instructions.
In your case most likely one of the keyframes doesn't have the settings applied on the radial filters, then of course you'll get a transition from edited to unedited.
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