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Re-edited my keyframe images, visual previews don't recognize the changes

#1 kevinmiller
As the title says, I did an initial edit, watched the visual preview and made a second edit. When I refreshed the images and reprocessed the visual previews, the five keyframes were all modified, but the rest of the sequence. I re-saved the metadata and tried it again with the same result. I have attached a screenshot and highlighted the keyframes, which clearly differ from the sequence. 

LRTimelapse v. 4.7.4
2013 27" iMac
OSX El Cap 10.11.3
#2 gwegner
Of course you have to apply the auto transition again in LRT and then save. Otherwise the images between the keyframe won't be changed.

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#3 kevinmiller
Sorry Gunther, I thought I had done a better job explaining that in my original post. To recap; I saved the metadata in Lightroom grid view. I reload the images in LRTimelapse, I apply auto transition and then save. I then create visual previews, with no success.

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