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Remove Lightroom lens correction

#1 Chris 81
Since I am shooting with the Nikon z7, I noticed that lightroom is doing an automated lense correction to the raw files and there is no way to turn that off.
Especially when shooting with ultra wide angle, the effect is quite dramatic.

When I shoot exactly the same image with the d850 and compare those, the raw image from the z7 is completely different when it comes to straight lines.

I searched in several forums and a lot of people have the same problem.
Did any of you guys found a work around?
Because i really need the raw file as it is captured on the sensor without any automated changes to it.

Thank you very much for your advices.

#2 c_joerg
Try this:
Convert the RAW File with Adobe DNG Converter to DNG.
Then remove with EXIFTOOL the opcodes like

exiftool -OpcodeList3= bilddatei1.dng bilddatei2.dng ...

Before you open the DNG in Lightroom, you must remove the RAW from the Lightroom catalog. Otherwise Lightroom still notice the lens correction.
#3 Chris 81
Thanks for the help.
It looks quite complicated but i will try it with some test images.
Or maybe just switching to capture one for some of my architecture work, because especially there its really important to control that by myself and capture one is allowing me to do that...

...also check out: