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#1 PinyonRidge
A Render Queue to see all the renders in process and queued would be a nice feature, especially with the ability to cancel a queued render.
#2 gwegner
This is something that I have on my agenda.
Currently you can see the number of tasks queued in parenthesis after the batch task. They will be processed in FIFO order. If you cancel a task, you will always cancel the task currently running.
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#3 PinyonRidge
Yes, but a full queue would be great because you can confirm that you've started all the renders you intended and can also cancel one in the queue if you realize its not ready for some reason. I look forward to it when you Gert around to it. BTW, thanks for some of the streamlining such as not having to "Save" as a separate step on things like Auto Transition and Visual Deflicker.

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