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Render then stabilize then add LRT Motion Blur Plus?

#1 FCerez
Hi Gunther,
I love the motion Blur Plus effect but when i'm shooting stop motion time lapses i can't use it as Warp Stabilizer in Premiere will fail if motion Blur Plus was applied. 
Is there a way to add Motion Blur Plus effect on a video (ProRes or other) file?
Best rds, Fred
#2 gwegner
I do the stabilizing with Warp Stabilizer in After Effects then export the sequence as Tiff sequence in the naming scheme of LRTimelapse (Foldername begins with LRT_ and images are named LRT_00001.tif etc... - you can make AE name the files like this). Then just use LRTimelapse for rendering the sequence with MBP.
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#3 FCerez
Thanks for the quick answer!

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