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Rendered 4k video, how do I render another of a different quality?

#1 Michael Lloyd
It's been a long time since I've done any time lapse work. I spent a couple of days out in Big Bend doing some night, Milky Way rising work. The results were ok. I just rendered the TL in 4k and I'd like to make a smaller 1080P version. I'm a little lost for how to do that. Any tips?
#2 MMeier

To render the sequence again you open the render dialogue in LRT and choose the folder „LRT... name of your sequence“ and the 1080p and start the render process again.

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#3 Michael Lloyd
Very good, thank you. I'm going to rework the video from start to finish. I think I did a poor job on my keyframes and I used too much motion blur when I rendered in LRT5. Thankfully it's not that hard to redo a sequence with LRT5

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