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Reversing the image sequence

#1 blackglass
Hi again, newbie here so be patient. I looked at the new LRTL5 yesterday doing a test and I couldn't find a workaround to my problem but I'm sure one exists.

I'm planning to do a time-lapse film comprising a lot of drone footage. The think is when shooting for a time-lapse it's much more efficient to shoot sequences in reverse. I realise you can't use this all the time because we'd have cars going backwards etc, but when there asn't a lot of obvious things moving, it's a good way to do it (battery life).

My question is, and it's probably really easy, how do I reverse the sequence (of images) once I import them into LRTL? So effectively the first image in the sequence becomes the last in LRTL?

Any help on this, thanks?
#2 gwegner
Currently this is not possible in LRTimelapse. But normally you would reverse the sequence easily later in any video editing program when cutting the final video from some timelapse sequences.
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#3 blackglass
Thanks mate. Maybe some future update?

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