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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and DSLRDashboard not working?

#1 Jetstream Rider
I'm trying to get qDSLR dashboard up and running - I have an old HTC phone that I need to root to get Android KitKat 4.4 on and am hoping this will drive my 5DMk2.

Before I do that, I thought I would try it on my new phone a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini - I have an OTG cable and tried it last night, but qDSLRDashboard won't see the camera.

I was wondering if this is a problem with me, the OTG cable, the phone or something else I have missed? I am tempted to buy a router to see if it works wirelessly, but since I travel a lot with my camera and need to keep items to a minimum, I was hoping to use a cable and a phone.

So - have I got it right? I get a normal USB cable, plug it into my camera, and the big end goes into the OTG big end and the small OTG end goes in the phone. I then start up DSLRD and the camera and get it to take RAW and small JPG - pressing the USB button does nothing. It may be cheap cables - any ideas? Many thanks.
#2 hubaiz
I think the S5 mini does not have full USB host support.
Do you get a dialog with the list of application that can support the connect USB defice (in your case the DSLR)?
#3 hubaiz
Just an update


no USB host support
#4 Jetstream Rider
Thank you so much your link. I didn't get a dialog at all, just nothing when I plugged in the cable.

How massively disappointing that Samsung's newest phone (almost) can't do that.

I don't suppose its a software thing they can modify in the future? I'll try the HTC and see what happens.

I take it that I could still use the TP link router as it supports wireless?

Thanks again.
#5 hubaiz
Yes, TP-Link will work as it goes over wireless.
#6 Jetstream Rider
Thanks again. Have now bought the router, followed the instructions and it works like a dream. If I get it to work on the old HTC phone, I'll post on here again.

...also check out: