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#1 photonclock
Question: shouldn't 'save snaphot' also save the XMP metadata in the current image sequence folder? In other words, shouldn't it effectively function as 'Save + Save Snapshot'?

Suppose this:

Image sequence
Make changes
(Now the 'session' is newer than initialized XMP on disk)
Save (regular save)
(XMP on disk now reflects current state of session)
Make some changes
(Now the 'session' is newer than XMP on disk)
Save snapshot
(Now the snapshot XMP files contain newer changes than the XMP files in the sequence folder, or to put it another way, my sequence XMP is now older than my .lrt/snapshots/... XMP)
So if I click away from the current sequence folder in LRT, I am prompted to Save
This then makes me question if what I just saved is the same as the snapshot I just took (which is the state I wish to ensure I am preserving)

I think snapshot should be equate to save+save snapshot
#2 gwegner
When you click on "create snapshot" and there are still unsaved changes, you'll get a dialog asking you, if you would like to save. If you choose no, no snapshot is created. That means, you cannot create any snapshot without having saved the sequence data.
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