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Saving keyframe metadata in Lightroom takes a long time

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
I switched to Lightroom Classic CC some time ago. If I now save the metadata after editing the LRT keyframes, it will take several minutes !! The metadata of all images may be saved. When I do the keyframes a second time, saving the metadata takes just a moment. Does anyone have the same problem and maybe a solution?
#2 gwegner
To clarify: several minutes for just a hand full of keyframes? Normally after editing the keyframes you still have the filter for the LRT5 Keyframes activated and should only save the metadata for those keyframed (Grid-View, Save Metadata to Files).
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#3 Sheeba
Hello Gunther,
4 minutes and more !! And that was a measured time!
I have the filter for LRT keyframes active and save only the meta data of the filtered images.
If I edit the keyframes again after saving the metadata and then save the metadata again, it goes with the usual speed!
I've tried the following: Importing a TL sequence from LRT to LR without first generating keyframes. Then 4 images are given 5 stars, filtered with LRT5 keyframes, edited and saved the meta data of these images. -> same problem !!
Then I imported several (about 200) images from a directory directly into LR and then again 4 images 5 stars, filtered with LRT5 keyframes, edited and then had no problems to save the metadata of the "keyframes"!
No idea what LR has a problem with here !!

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