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Schedule interval ramping

#1 lkunl
Hi Gunter,

Could you please add schedule interval ramping to the Pro timer.
I don't want to touch the Pro timer while timelapse running.
It might risk to shake the camera especially while camera is in motion control system.
So, it will be perfect if i can set a start date and time for interval ramping before the shooting begin.

#2 gwegner
The problem is, that mostly you don't know upfront when you would need to start the interval ramping.
But I'll consider your request.
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#3 Ralph
You can also simply remove the timer from the camera and adjust your settings. The cable is long enough and does not transmit the vibrations. Once you have set the interval ramping, attach the timer back to the camera. I've done it before, even with a motion control system and an interval of 3sec.
#4 lkunl
Thank you very much.

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