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Sculpture by the Sea Bondi Beach

#1 FilippoRivetti
Sculpture by the Sea is the largest sculpture exhibition in the world: more than 100 sculptures set in the beautiful coastal walk between Bondi Beach and Tamarama in Sydney, Australia.
This year I've been asked to produce a timelapse video for the festival and this is the result (if you want 4K go to the YouTube link):

[Video: https://vimeo.com/144815437]
#2 kendall.blanding

This is wonderful, and I was so excited to see another post after watching your Sydney Festival video over and over. I noticed and appreciated some of the subtle nuances. For example, it's awesome how your slider gets to the point on the teardrop sculpture that you are seeing the sunrise at just the right time.

I do have a question though - when you have the sequences of people walking up and down the stairs and such, were you just shooting video that you have sped up, or were these actually taken as still images?

Thanks again for sharing this with us.

#3 FilippoRivetti
Thanks Kendall!
I kind of planned for those slider moves, but there is always a bit of luck involved Smile

Those tilt-shift sequences of people are all coming from raw sequences of images (like in my Sydney Festival video): they are just taken at a much shorter interval (depending on the distance to subject, but usually from 3-4 frames per second to 1 frames per second).
This is the best way to give a nice blur to it (I shot with ND filters for a long exposure time even during day), and also having much more editing possibility compared to video.

#4 identitaet
That's really really cool! I never saw people moving this smooth. Really great work!
#5 FilippoRivetti
Thanks Wink

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