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Sea timelapse - any ideas/tips how to do it better?

#1 motiyairl
Hi guy's
I'd just did a small test shooting time lapse in the sea.
I'd used the little stopper by Lee filter and my exposure was 1.3 sec at f16.
Each frame by herself it's amazing but the all sequence is "epileptic" and very bumpy / jumpy (The bursting of the waves I mean) ..
What do you think will be the "right" way to shoot a sea timelapse? Should I use the big stopper and then my shutter will be a lot grater (something like 20 sec for each frame)?
Any Ideas how to improve? Any other ideas or tips will be very much welcome.
Best regards,

[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/dnP4czF...zFpMAk</a>]
#2 gwegner
Timelapse with waves so close in the foreground never works well. I'd film it or use slow motion technique for a sequence like that.
Then do another shot as a timelapse, but with another scenery without the fast movement of the waves.
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