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Setting Custom Keyframes

#1 Nikki
Hi there,

I would like to set custom keyframes instead of using the Keyframes Wizard. Does it work if I select the file and then go to Keyframes > Set Default Keyframe and then do that for all the files I would like to use keyframes for?

Another question, after I have gone through the process through Visual Previews then find I want to change some keyframes, what is the fastest process? Can I clear & initialize metadata and drag the file to Lightroom or do I need to delete the Lightroom file too? Can I select all files in the Library, go to Photo > Develop Settings > Reset in Lightroom instead of deleting?

Thanks! Jenn
#2 gwegner
You can set individual keyframes in LRTimelapse, by selecting the row in the table or scrubbing to the position and pressing "1". Pressing "0" will remove the keyframe.

To rework some keyframes, there is no need to reset everything. Just change the keyframes in Lightroom, save their metadata and redo the 2nd row in LRT.
If you want a full start over, do Metadata/Initialize in LRTimelapse. Then in Lightroom select the full sequence in Grid View and do "Metadata/Read Metadata from Files".
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#3 Nikki
Thanks! That is helpful. Jen

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