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#1 Jiheffe
Hi, I did my first tests with sliding/panning in a timelapse (with BFM PINE and slider etc...)...
All the timelapses I render are blurry, with heavy shivering....Example here: https://vimeo.com/352659054
No problem at all with standard timelapses (without camera moving). Example here: https://vimeo.com/189508516

Any idea why this is happening? I shot this sequence at an 8 seconds interval, with plenty of time for the camera to stabilize after each move of the slider / panning.
#2 MMeier
Did you try to render it without motion blur from LRT?
#3 yimiblu
The only thing i think is that you are not allowing to move-shot-move properly, and picture is being taken while moving. My first panorama TL testing looked similar. https://youtu.be/PYNuj1wmHTQ. Just had to let enough time between moves: exposure + a little buffer, 0.1s or 0.2s more. Would it be the cause? Smile
#4 Jiheffe
Hi, I am travelling and have no access to my gear or my computer right now, so I will check both suggestions when I return this weekend. But for what I remember:
MMeier: I did render with motion blur, should I try to do without?
Yimiblu: I took the sequences with several seconds intervals, and aperture times that never went below around 1/8 of a second. That should leave plenty of time to stabilize after each move?
#5 MMeier
i would try to render without motion blur and see how it looks like.
#6 Jiheffe
Will do tomorrow and let you guys know!
#7 Jiheffe
Hi Monica,

Yes, I disabled motion blur and it is way better :-) : https://vimeo.com/353107386

However in my opinion it is still al little shivering... Do you agree? BTW, I did other tests before, and rendered them now without motion blur, and these are really good.

This sequence was taken with following parameters:

- Holy Grail method with qDslrDashboard, aperture times going from 1/100 down to 1/13, aperture f/9, ISO 100
- Pine setup: Interval 8 sec / Frame Rate 25 / 600 pictures (but I stopped after 250)
- Pine Interval setup: Camera 0.3 / Delay 0.5 / Excess 8.0 / Interval 8.0

I also noted a few frames were dropped - 16 seconds interval instead of 8 (about 8 on a total of 254).

That sounds like sufficient for the camera to stabilize after moving?
#8 MMeier
Did you use a head only or also a slider?
I usually use intervals of 4-5 seconds for sunset/sunrise shooting. You might want to try a shorter interval?
Regarding the missed shots: this happens to me when the chosen interval is to short compared to the shutter speed and the blacktime is very short. With the shutter speed you have used I don‘t think that this is the problem. What cards (writing speed) are you using?
#9 Jiheffe
Slider and panning head.

That's interesting, I did my other tests with intervals of 3-5 seconds and they are much smoother. Will redo this one with shorter intervals to see :-)

Thnx for pointing out !
#10 AndyMc
Dropped frames does sound like a buffering issue, but at 8 second intervals? Doublecheck that the camera/lens is not on autofocus, as at 0.3, the camera may loose that shot if it's still trying to lock focus.....

Also try making sure that 'power save' on the pine is turned off. This will ensure that the motors are holding your camera in a fixed position at that particular point, rather than allowing any movement under weight / wind.

...also check out: