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#11 Ralph
Hi Jiheffe,

I think the problem lies somewhere else.

First, you used a very short shutter speed with a very long interval. This means that you are very far away from the 180° rule. At an interval of 8sec you should work with about 3sec to 4sec shutter speed. This would make the time lapse look a lot quieter. With an ND8 filter you could have realized the times.

But the real problem is that for such a wide pan, I would estimate about 90°, you took far too few pictures. With such a panorama pan I would probably take about 800 to 1000 pictures.

The same applies to the example of "Yimiblu". There too, the pan was swivelled much too fast.
#12 MMeier
As you used a slider and a panning head what also helps to smother down the tl besides what Ralf said is to move both devices in opposite direction i.e. slider from left to right and the panning device against the clock or vice-a-versa.
Best regards

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