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#1 Ray200
Hi folks,
I used LRT2 many years ago to do some basic commissions from a local client. Nothing difficult but the program did an excellent job of deflickering the footage. Job done!
I've now received another commission but this time requiring a sunset. LRT5 seems the obvious software to use for this. Problem, I can't see any tutorial on the actual shooting process. I can find videos with qDslr Dashboard but nothing for those wishing to adjust the exposure manually. I seem to recall that once you were a stop over- or underexposed you then re-set the shutter speed/ISO as required; am I wrong in this? Have there been any changes since LRT2? Some tutorials on Youtube use 1/3 stops? Is LRT5 now more "forgiving"?
A real noobie question! But any help is much appreciated.

#2 gwegner
Shooting the Holy Grail is still the same as it was since LRT2. Check the histogram and change exposure/iso/aperture accordingly. I'd recommend 1/3 stops, the smaller the better. Take care not to overexpose.
It's all explained im my EBook: https://lrtimelapse.com/shop/ebook/
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#3 Ray200
Hi Gunther,
Many thanks for the quick reply. I purchased the e-book but haven't been able to read it yet (on vacation). I tried the trial version of LRT5 with a standard midday shoot. Staggeringly simple. Looking forward to trying the HG method.


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