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Skipped frame identification

#1 alexnail
Hi Gunther,

Admittedly I dont have the latest version so this may have already been incorporated but...

When I started out shooting timelapse I had a problem with missed frames due to the buffer overfilling. I originally didnt notice because the interval was short and the motion was slow, so I continued to miss the problem.

Would it be possible to have LRT read the interval between images and identify where frames are missing? I imagine given the complexity of the other features you have created this is well within your grasp!


#2 gwegner
Hi Alex,
technically I could certainly implement this - but how exactly would it help? If frames are missing, there is not so much you (or LRT) could do about it to fix it anyway...
Let me know, what's your intention with this maybe then we can figure out something.
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