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Sleepless in New York Time Lapse

#1 Nemofish
Hi there, here is my newest creation. I went 6 weeks to NYC for a 4 minute video. I hope you like it.
My website: https://sleeplessin.ch
#2 MartinA-P
I can't imagine, that someone would not like it.
#3 Bobu
Very very good. Thanks for posting.

How did you do the parallax shot at 2:01? From the comments at YT I know that you used AE but I've still no idea how you did it.

The only thing that slightly disturbed me were the extreme intense reds at 2:40. Was this intentional?

#4 Nemofish
Thank you Martin and Bobu ?
@Bobu I did the parallaxt at 2:01 with masks. It took me a while to do that ?. At 2:40 the backlights of the cars are red. But maybe the white balance is a bit to much in yellow here.
My website: https://sleeplessin.ch

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