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Slider and Motion Control Buy Used and Resale Value?

#1 storm303
Hi all,

Landscape photographer learning time lapse and LRtimelapse software. 

I'm now looking to get into motion control and have done plenty of online research (particular thanks to this valuable forum) and am looking at Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus motion control bundle. It is not cheap at US $2,500 so a couple questions.

What do people think of buying used slider and motion control equipment? Risky? 

What kind of resale value does this brand new gear have if decide I either don't like motion control, or need to change equipment? Does any of this gear hold it's value?

Thank you in advance
#2 puravidasoul
Hello. I purchased a used Kessler second shooter and it has performed flawlessly. I have also recently decided to sell it along with my Kessler TLS system as I don't shoot much TL any more. Let me know if you are still in the market for used gear. Cheers.

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