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#1 Mike M

I've been doing some research into motion control units and I'm really impressed by what Black Forest Motion offer, the only thing that puts me off slightly is the short 60cm slider length.
What is the best slider length? Is 60cm too short when used with 3 axis motion?

#2 MMeier
This has been discussed here but in German: Sliderlänge Theorie vs. Praxis
Gunther mentioned there that 60cm usually is enough especially if you are using ultra wide angle lenses.
With this length it is still easy to take along on a trip, hiking etc. and you will get good results especially with a good foreground.
Best regards
#3 Mike M
Yes the portability sounds good, I could strap a 60cm slider to the side of my bag but I couldnt do that with a larger size.

I was just wondering if its still possible to get that parallax effect with foreground objects with the smaller size.

I've emailed Moritz at BFM some questions so waiting to hear back from him.
#4 MMeier
Yes, it is possible to get the parallax effect even with this length.
#5 gwegner
If course it is. Als ich you can extend the bfm slider, if necessary. Since years I work mostly on a 60cm slider. Also for professional work.
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#6 Mike M
Excellent! Thank you both!
#7 timelapsefrank
Yes the 60cm is perfect size. I have friend that has a longer slider and he does not use it because its to big to lug around.
#8 Ralph
Hi Mike,
Maybe you'd like to take a look at this time-lapse. https://vimeo.com/343502472
The camera makes a drive of approx. 60 cm. The time lapse was done with a 20mm wide angle lens and it is much in the foreground, as Monika has described it.
Since I started the time-lapse too early, the movement of the camera is missing at the end.
But you can see how the parallax effect works with only 60cm of slider length and a counter movement of the pan axis.

...also check out: