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Something strange going on after deflicker

#1 Novelectro
Haven't seen this one before...

Basically I deflicker my timelapse and after it's finished processing, I play it and it only rolls through the first couple of seconds and just stops abruptly. It's as if it is still actually doing the deflicker, although there is no indication that it is. That said, I did select multiple passes (3) and the indicator only said that it was on 1 of 3 and then finished.

So is it possible that there is a bug in which LRT is actually doing the second and third pass but is not giving any indication that it is? Or is something else going on?
#2 Novelectro
Also I should mention that if I just wait a few minutes and then try to play the sequence again, it clearly plays more of the video than it did previously - so it does appear that it IS doing more processing without giving me any indication.
#3 Novelectro
I just realized I don't have the latest DNG converter so I'll assume that's the issue and report back. On another note, Gunther (if you're there) - do you actually have to actively "convert" all your raw files using the converter prior to loading them into LRT? Or is it simply enough to just have the converter? I only ask because I don't usually convert them and everything seems to work OK. I just make sure to have the most updated version.
#4 gwegner
It's enough to have the converter installed. You don't need to convert to dng.
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