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Sony a6300 intervalometer with loading function

#1 Joel_Klein
I have following problem:
I bought me on amazon a intervalometer for my Sony a6300 camera and all works fine.
But I would like to use the intervalometer and an extrernal power supply. Dose anyone knows about someting like a Y cable or someting else.
If not have any body the circuit wiring for the multi port plug on the a6300/6500...?
If not I have to reverse engeneering and build this for my own.

#2 gwegner
Let us know, if you find a solution. I guess this would be important for many Sony users!

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#3 Joel_Klein
I searched on the Internet and I found a Cable: https://www.mobilexcopter.com/shop.htm#!...ry=3342130

I wrote with the Support and the said That the direct trigger connector is 3.5mm, but can be used with an adapter to get a standard 2.5mm format. I could not order it because I live in the EU and the cable are not available yet.

But on the same Page I found the Multiconector with soldering pads I orderd some  and try to build my own adapter because the shop has no estimate when the cabele is available.
#4 Joel_Klein

after a long time I'm back...

I decided to create my own dongle for my Sony Camera. 
I created a custom pcb and after few measurements with my multimeter I think it would work.
In few days I get the Multiport Plug and then I can test the complete function.

Here a picture of the pcb:


...also check out: