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Strange colors in Youtube Upload

#1 Kuni
Hi there

I followed the workflow exactly several times. With re-initialising etc. The video works perfectly in Facebook but in Youtube it shows very strange colors. Maybe a problem with youtube.

However, maybe somebody expierienced the same problem and it's only a problem with my video rendering setting. However I did change only to 1/2 time and left everything as standard after installing the software.

Please just put me in the right direction.

Here is the link to the youtube video:


Kind regards
#2 gwegner
Says: video not available.
Which export settings did you use in LRTimelapse?
For maximum compatibility make sure to export in MP4/h.264, high quality, "Force 16:9", standard Gamut
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#3 Kuni
Hi Gunther

It looks like I was to impatient. I uploaded in 4 k. Now Youtube seems to have finished the processing I do not get funny colors anymore. Before it had a pinkish overlay which looked awful.

Now it seems, after waiting a couple  of hours that it works fine.

Strange that the link did not work. I just clicked on it and it worked. And it is public marked.

However, thanks for your reply.

Kind regards

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