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Suggestion for better LRT module interface

#1 niccoc1603

I have already reported it to Zoltan. I the LRT window of qDSLRDasboard, when Auto Holy Grail is activated, it is easy to mistake "sunset" for "sunrise" mode, especially when you are in the field shooting and have 100x checks to do. I threw away a couple of timelapses because of wrong /sunset/sunrise selection.
My suggestion is to make this selection more evident, for example by highlighting the entire button when "sunrise" is selected instead of sunset.

Just a tip
#2 gwegner
I'd suggest to use the GPS/Time info that is used for the NTC calculation to set the default setting for Sunrise (during night/dawn) and Sunset (during day/dusk) when entering the LRT screen. I'll ask Zoltan to add this.
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#3 niccoc1603
That's even better!

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