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Syrp Genie Mini Test Sequence: Nottingham Motion Timelapse

#1 boomstick
I decided to treat myself to a motion control pan head to expand my options when shooting timelapse sequences. Opted for the Syrp Genie Mini panning motion control head. Very pleased with the results, as seen HERE: https://youtu.be/06xB7sMywgg

As soon as it arrived, it went on charge, then off out into Nottingham city centre to experiment. So far, very impressed. Here is a compilation of the first four Motion Timelapse Sequences shot with the Syrp Genie Mini.

Overall, very happy with the Syrp Genie Mini, Build quality is robust, performing very well during these first few sequences. I probably pushed the rotation speed a little too much in favour of capturing more rotation in a limited time-frame. I much prefer timelapse sequences 1-3, with a 0.5 sec shutter, which provides a nice and consistent level of motion blur which is pleasing to the eye. Timelapse sequence 4 is a little too staccato @ 1/13 sec, owing to drops in light levels and limited ND filter options. As for the video sequences... I need to FOCUS, helps alot!

Sequence Details:
Sequence 1: 0.5 sec, f/8, Interval 2 sec, Pan ~150° (ND: Lee Little Stopper)
Video Pan a: Pan rate ~80% - Need to focus!!
Sequence 2: 0.5 sec, f/7.1, Interval 1.5 sec, Pan ~110° (ND: Lee Little Stopper)
Sequence 3: 0.5 sec, f/7.1, Interval 1.5 sec, Pan ~130° (ND: Lee Little Stopper)
Sequence 4: 1/13 sec, f/11, Interval 1.5 sec, Pan ~190° (Light dropped to much, no ND options)
Video Pan b: Pan rate ~80% - Need to focus!!

Image Processing:
Comprises 1491 timelapse frames across 4 sequences, with two b-roll video sequences following outbound Trams. Timelapse sequences processed using LR Timelapse 5.2, Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Motion Timelapse Sequence Here:

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