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Syrp Genie Mini Vertical Panning

#1 drewmey
I've owned a Syrp Genie Mini for a while and am enjoying it as an entry level way into timelapse with some motion control. Right now I am trying to determine a way to get a vertical pan with the device instead of only a horizontal pan. I have a tripod, ballhead, L bracket but can not seem to come up with a way to make this work. 

I could buy the Syrp pan tilt bracket but I currently only have 1 Syrp Genie Mini so I don't think it makes a lot of sense. My next upgrade would be a device that gets me a sliding motion (like the regular genie), so $90 for the bracket doesn't make sense right now.

Any ideas? All I can think of is buying a second ball head.
#2 Tom Finnigan
Get the bracket it works perfectly then.
#3 rclarke80
I find the pan tilt bracket a little unstable, yes I can increase the interval and delay until any vibration/wobble as subsided but given you've only 1 genie mini I think I'd go with a second ball head.
Syrp Genie
2019-07-12, 20:04
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