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Tablet or Phone for qDSLR dashboard control?

#1 Jetstream Rider
Quick query - I can use qDSLR Dashboard on my phone, connected to my Canon camera via cable, or wirelessly. I'd like to do it without tying up my phone so I can use it while shooting time lapse, so I'd like a tablet or phone to do so - ideally second hand and chaeply from ebay or similar. I'd also like to use a wire if possible.

I'm watching some Nexus 7 as I see they are recommened by Gunther - but I am unfamiliar. Can they be attached with an OTG cable, or are they wireless only? Are there 2 different types, as some seem to say wireless only and others do not?

Other than a Nexus 7, are there any phones that people reliably use for cable connected use with qDLR dashboard? I know I need a phone that will host USB - some of the earlier Samsung Galaxy phones do this and are available on ebay for less than a new model, but I'd be happy to use something else - prefereably Android, as I am familiar.

#2 gwegner
The WiFi Nexus 7 (2013) works via Wifi. but at the end, nearly any Android Smartphone or Tablet with WiFi should work.
USB requires an OTG Adapter.
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#3 hubaiz
USB to work required an USB OTG adapter and that the Android device has the USB host function.
Both Nexus7 tablets have the USB host function. I have the older first Nexus7 that now shows that is aged.
So you should get the second generation.
I also have a nVidia Shield tablet that still works fine an fast. It has Android 7.0 from nVidia.
#4 Jetstream Rider
Ace, thank you. I'll keep an eye on ebay and see if I can get a second gen one. Thanks for the fast response.

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