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Terra di Montalbano (Montalbano's country)

#1 rodrigo
During our visit to the southeast of Sicily I made a couple of timelapse , relating to the fictional caracter of the police Inspector Montalbano. The first two were filmed in the area of Punta Seca where Salvo has his apartment, it is the grey building located behind the stone tower; the third one was taken in the town of Scicli (fictional Vigata) the location of the police station.


I hope you enjoy it.


#2 rodrigo
Dear Friends, I decided to change the Video La Terra di Montalbano, I have added a new section and changed the tempo and music, I hope you like it.


#3 martinkuehn.eu
Hi Rodrigo,

thanks for sharing. :-)

Especially in the first part, the edges in the photos are not very hard as if your camera had moved a little bit during a long time exposure (i.e., as if you had a second photo overlaid with a 0.2 opacity). Do you know the reason?

Best regards,
#4 rodrigo
Hi Martin, I was standing on a shaky piece of concrete that was part of a small pier made out of rocks an building debris, hence the movement.

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