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The easiest way to build a LRTimelapse Pro Timer !!

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
I've been active here for quite a while now in the forum for the LRTimelapse Pro Timer-Free. Again, and again I have read of problems that there was in the construction of the PT. First, there were procurement and manufacturing problems for the small board with the transistor. On the other hand, there were many problems with the connections on the display. Especially when clone displays were used. In my PT software from version 0.93 I have built in an option that allows you to control the camera without a transistor. I have tested this function with Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras and it works without problems. In my versions of the PT I use a clone of the Arduino UNO, which has solder pins for all ports parallel to the plug for the display. This makes it easy to make all connections to the Arduino board.
Attached you will find a detailed description. I hope that I can help especially less experienced users of the PT to easily rebuild the PT.
Have fun with it and I would be very happy about a feedback.
Greetings Hans
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#2 gwegner
This definitely makes it easier! Thanks for your ongoing work on the free timer. I've pinned this thread to the top!
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#3 Enrico Righetti
Hi sheeba, could I ask if with clone arduino UNO the driver to upload the program are on a cd within the product?

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