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The Sweetest Little Capital

#1 guttedgeek
I cut my teeth on this first real time-lapse film...at times I never thought I'd complete it but in the end it was holding me back from other ideas, other projects so a last push this weekend saw it finally finished.

Wellington New Zealand has oodles on offer including some rather nice public spaces and dynamic landscapes. Its impossible to capture it all but I hope you enjoy this perspective of my home: The Sweetest Little Capital.

This short film represents a labour of love over the last couple of summers. A labour of love because time-lapse, funnily enough, takes a looong time. Not only is patience required but shoots are often a bit of a lottery and so my digital cutting room floor is littered with 10's of thousands of discarded frames :o I've often revisited the same spot multiple times in order to obtain the perfect shot. At times it felt like I'd never finish it but push one must...if only to justify better gear, planning and shooting the next one Wink


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