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The video is played back with jerks.

#1 Batoev
Good afternoon. I shot a little time lapse, at 3-4 second intervals. In the preview of lrtimelapse video is played smoothly. After I did the color in lr and LrTimelapse, I imported raw to AE, and produced the movie in 4k 3840x2160 ProRes 422HQ. And while watching, the video has jerks when playing it. Then I tried to import photos into Final Cut, and also output to ProRes, the video became smoother but still with jerks. I started to try different codecs, and in the end it was smooth and without any jerks in the video, so it turns out if you output it to h264, 1980x1080 codec. For viewing I use QuickTime and Elmedia Video Player. Other videos in the same high quality and ProRes code are viewed without jerks. Can you tell what the reason might be?

video jerks AfterEffect 422HQ 4k:


video Final Cut Pro 422HQ 4k:

#2 gwegner
Why don't you render with LRTimelapse and play back with a decent video player like VLC?
Let us know if that works.
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