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Three Day Convention Center Time-lapse

#1 Sharpshooter
My assignment is to time-lapse the conversion of a convention center arena from a Hockey venue to a Championship Bull Riding/Rodeo environment. My initial thought is to shoot it on one of my 1DXII bodies using a Canon Intervalometer. The work will span three days and nights. I think that I understand the basics, focus/lock it down, drag the shutter, aperture priority so the shutter can continually adjust for the changing light. My questions are, is the 1DXII the best platform and what should I set my frame rate to? Three days/72 hours/4,320 minutes, is 1 frame per minute sufficient? I'm assuming that my battery will last for that time period and that two 128GB CF cards in sequence will hold the images.

Thanks in advance for your insights and expertise.

#2 gwegner
I'd rather do single shorter timelapses from different perspectives. It's easier and will give you much better results which are more pleasing to watch. Long term timelapse is difficult and hard to edit. They only make sense if you have very very slow movement like construction of buildings spanning months.
With such long intervals (1 frame per minute) you'll get a very choppy result.
But of course, that's only how I would approach the task.
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#3 Sharpshooter
Thanks Gunther!

Your point is a good one, but on this assignment I am hoping to set it and forget it until the 72 hour process is finished. I bought you book several years ago and it contains a wealth of knowledge, thank you!


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