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Time-lapse camera auto upload from remote location

#1 Cammo
Hi everyone,

I use multiple time-lapse cameras mounted remotely around Australia and in the past have used Eye-Fi cards connecting to a 3G wifi modem in the housing to upload images after they are shot to a web service like Smugmug.

Problem is, like I'm sure many of you have experienced, that service is now discontinued and I'm looking for something similar (and reliable).  I'm stunned that there's no option in the latest Canon & Nikon wifi enabled cameras to automatically upload to a web service after a shot is taken Sad

Anyway, would LOVE some advice!

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#2 KidsOfAllAges
In Australia, check out Photosentinel or TBOX Systems in Singapore. Or you could use the TPlink 3020 with Open WRT and a 3G/LTE router.

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