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Timelapse Plus View and Lrtimelapse Algorithm

#1 Jburden14
Hi Gunther,

Just wondering if you can shed some light on the differences between the two algorithms for ramping with the Timelapse Plus View. Have had some issues with Night to day timelapse, where the sky gets really blown out once sun comes up, was wondering if Lrtimelapse mode might do a better job. 

#2 gwegner
Try it out. The LRTimelapse Mode uses the same algorithm that I've developed for qDslrDashboard. It's a Histogram Analysis that in my opinion delivers much better results then just a simple brightness analysis.
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#3 Jburden14
Thanks. I used to use dslrdashboard and was wondering why the view couldn’t put more emphasis on highlight clipping. Will give it a go this weekend.


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