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Timelapse showreel 2011 - Ceahlau & Retezat Mountains

#1 Geokidd
Hello everybody!
I'm new to this forum (just as a registered user, but not as an intensive viewer), and I've used LRTimelapse in all my timelapse footage, for the 2011 showreel.
So I want to thank Gunther for the lovely piece of software that he has created and tip my hat down for the time and effort invested in all his work!
This is my newly created movie. I hope you guys like it!
For best viewing, chose full HD and turn the volume up!

[Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSRandLtejM]
#2 gwegner
Thank you for sharing! Great landscapes and well done editing. I just shared it on the LRTimelapse Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lrtimelapse/pos...3198206510
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#3 Geokidd
Thanks a million for sharing! It's been quite a journey from the very end, to the completion of this video, especially the postproduction part.

A few statistics:
- 13 timelapse sequences
- an average of 15-20 gb of tiff files were generated for each sequence (not including the files that I didn't like, and that I have deleted)
- a total of 350-400 gb of tiffs (including the tiffs that were not used) were generated, in the making of this video (representing 70000-80000 files). I had a "hell of a time" with the learning curve Smile
- equipment used: Nikon D7000 + Nikon 18-105 mm + Samyang 8 mm (fisheye) + Nikon 55-200 mm + tripod (obviously) and other accessories

Thanks again for creating such a great piece of software and the commitment you've shown so far in developing it!
Keep up the wonderful job!
#4 alaska42
Beautifully done. Watched on Youtube at 1080p
#5 screamer
absolutely well done, great work
#6 Geokidd
Thank you very much, guys! Hope I'll be making more of these as soon as possible.

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