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Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller for Pro Timer first Version ready!!

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,

I've announced one of my recent Treads to build a Stepper Motor Controller for the Pro Timer. The first version is ready and works very well!!

But first I would like to say a big thank you to Gunther for the initialization of the open source project Pro Timer free. I use the Pro Timer on all my timelapse projects and I do not want to miss the features anymore. For those who are concerned with the matter and are not afraid to take a soldering iron in hand you get a timer with excellent features for little money. Since I do not only static timelapse, but also work with a slider, then quickly came the desire to synonymous with the Pro timer to control. I first created projects with DC motors, but this was not satisfactory in terms of control. That's why I got down to it and developed a Timelapse Slider Motor Controller (TLSMC) for the Pro Timer. Like the pro timer project, I will provide the TLSMC as open source.

My project:
Since I used images for the description and I did not manage to include them in the text of the thread, I attached the description as a PDF.

I used a NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with 1.7A on my first try. For the transport of the slider, I used parts of a 3D printer kit and I have gear wheels with 20 teeth and a GT2 timing belt. This worked quite well, as long as the rail was not taken from the horizontal. From a grade of about 25 degrees, the engine could no longer pull a heavy camera. In the second attempt, I used a NEMA17 engine with a 5.18: 1 gearbox and a G5 timing belt. This was also a vertical ride with a heavy camera possible.

Unfortunately it was not possible to buy modules like the Pro Timer Arduino and to finish with a little soldering. I have developed a circuit board on which the necessary components have been placed and the whole thing I have packed in a small case. On the basis of the attached circuit diagram, you can also create the structure on a breadboard circuit board and then install it in a matching housing. For the motor, I have used a Dupont connector. This is not the best, but it is used on most motors.
The components are standard parts and can be bought in electronics shops. However, often the shipping costs are higher than the price for the components.
Since I already have some requests from acquaintances and my photo club, I will hang up a
small series. If anyone is interested in getting in there, I can assemble and deliver a kit of all parts except Adruino Uno, Stepp down Converter and Motor Controller (which is easy to get).
Attached you will find the description, the circuit diagram, the assembly plan, the TLSMC software the Pro Timer software and some pictures.

If someone wants to participate in the project, there is still a lot to do on the software as well as on the hardware!!

Now I am looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

Greetings Hans
Attached Files

.pdf   TLMC_Circuit.pdf (Size: 54.7 KB / Downloads: 167)
.zip   TLSMC.zip (Size: 3.7 KB / Downloads: 55)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_SMC_Free_EXT.zip (Size: 12.68 KB / Downloads: 47)
#2 gwegner
Congratulations to this nice addition! And thanks that you are sharing it with the community. Please keep us posted! :-)
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#3 Levanterman
Wow thats brilliant ! I built the pro timer, but this is next level :-) great stuff !
#4 Sheeba
.. that was missing!!
Attached Files

.pdf   Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller for Pro Timer.pdf (Size: 546.63 KB / Downloads: 167)
#5 Sralelb
Hello Hans,
thats a really nice project and exactly what I am looking for. Do you still need participants for your project?
Greetings Lars
#6 cojcoj
Hello Hans,
I've been meaning to do a similar project. I want to make a pan mount (like the Syrp Genie) that rotates - shoots - rotates; and integrate it with qDSLRDashboard. I see from here that many projects use ProTimer, would it be better to use this.
My idea is to use an Arduino board connected to a stepper motor and the camera. Send the rootates signal, when motor returns feedback of position send shoot signal for desired time, when camera returns that the capture was completed, repeat the process.
Please let me know where to look, and if I'm even writing in the correct place, and thinking of the correct hardware.
#7 Sheeba
Hi Lars,
sorry for my late reply. I have just seen your replay now. Yes, you are welcome to participate in this project. I am constantly working on extensions. In which area can you contribute something?
Greetings Hans
#8 Sheeba
Hi Lucas,
Thank you for your interest in my TLSMC. The TLSMC and Pro Timer system is designed to control stepper motor to record a TL sequence. It does not matter if you use it to control a slider or a panorama head.
If you are using qDSLRDashbord it is better to control the camera with a timer like the Pro Timer. In my Pro TImer ext software I have built many special features. For example, Distance Ramping. This corresponds to the Ease in / out function of the Syrp genie mini.
I've been working on it since the thread you responded to.
Details can be found here:

If you are interested in buying a Pro Timer + TLSMC, I have built a small series og those and there are still some available.
Greetings Hans
#9 cojcoj
Wow! Thanks for such a quick reply. I wanted to plan this as a DIY project, so I can learn a few new things, add new skills to my bag. So I think I'll initially build the hardware and use your Pro Timer for a start, but is there anything you recommend me on reading or any programming languege you recommend me improving? Any tips are welcome!
Thanks a lot,
#10 Sheeba
Hi Luca,
these questions do not fit to the actual theme of the thread !! Please unlock email and PM reception (User CP) in your profile, then we can exchange information about it.
Greetings Hans

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