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Timelapsing with electronic shutter on z6 flickering

#1 alphaumi
I have recently bought nikon z6 and was eager to start timelapsing with el shutter. I have made several timelapses now (cityscape day to night), but somehow there is a lot of flicker, actually not luminance flicker, but green-pink shift (not luminance flicker). I am shooting manually, adjusting the shutter speed, iso, aperture are constant, editing is basic, no drastic changes, dehaze,contrast etc are at 0. I've read somewhere that el shutter might induce flicker in cityscapes. Any idea if it's caused by the el shutter. I didnt have such issues (green pink flicker) while doing the same with d610 and mechanical shutter. I might try to do a timelapse with mechanical shutter on the z6 soon as well. Has anybody encountered such issue?
#2 gwegner
Using the electronic shutter comes a a cost and might introduce problems, that's known. I recommend this very good article to understand the differences between the shutter types: https://photographylife.com/mechanical-e...utter-efcs

Without seeing your images, it's hard to say what is the reason in your case.
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