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Tip how to shoot from dark place to a very bright place?

#1 motiyairl
Hi guy’s[/font][/size]

[size=small][font=Georgia,]Any tip how to approach time lapse shooting from a dark place (like a room or a cave) to an open area? I use a motorized slider and the camera will start from a darker area (The opening of a cave) so my exposure will be something like one sec (or more) +- (my Aperture is f/11 and ISO 100).. but when the camera will move to the opening I’ll have to do give up on something.. if I’ll keep the Low shutter speed all of the outside will be Overexpose and if I’ll change the shutter speed to fit the outside (Fully lit outside) it will be fast shutter speed and the entrance of the cave will be black (underexposed).. any tip how to approach this king of shooting? [/font][/size]

#2 gwegner
I'd use the holy grail approach - changing the camera settings as the subject's brightness changes. It's natural. The viewer will accept, that at the beginning the dark parts are brighter and the bright parts are probably blown. As you proceed the exposure changes. With a good sensor with high dynamic range, you can expose to the bright areas and light up the shadows later in Lightroom.
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#3 motiyairl
Thanks Gunther for your quick reply, did you encountered a time lapse in +- same Conditions? i need inspiration and example for editing..

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