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Two feature requests

#1 Clear Skies
Hi Gunther,

I have two feature requests:

This time of year I am shooting Perseid meteors, using 4 Canon 6D's. For these cameras I recently purchased 4 LRT Pro Times through Amazon.de.
While I expect to put these timers to good use for timelapse photography, I find myself reaching for my previous Ebay-timers for catching meteors. For this photography, which is almost identical to timelapse photography (in fact, the images can be used for a timelapse, if desired) I set the camera to burst and the timers to a single exposure with a duration of several hours. Also, I set a delay so the cameras start clicking in the evening thirty minutes before the end of astronomical twilight and stop in the morning thirty minutes after the end of astronomical twilight. By doing so I can setup all of my cameras, ensure they will start at the desired time and continue clicking throughout the night with the shortest possible interval. Meteors are literally gone in a flash so as close to a continuous exposure as possible is the way to go.

The feature request I have is for the LRT timer to have the ability to set a start time and a duration for a single firing signal of multiple hours. While Bulb can provide a continuous firing signal, the minimal number of images that can be set is 10, where 1 is desired and there is no ability to set a start time.

The second feature request (perhaps under the "Tools" menu?) is a quick, single firing signal. I have, unfortunately had the experience where I set up everything, set the timer to a start time, only to find the camera not starting exposures at the set time. The reason was that the connection of the remote cable to the camera was not pressed in thoroughly, effectively resulting in no connection. This is something that can happen in combination with a 6D, so I always test with a single shot. If this simple feature could be added, this would make it all the more easier to ensure all is well before an imaging sequence is started.


Victor van Wulfen
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Hi Victor,

I think you can use the Timed TL mode for setting up the starting point (date and time) of your sequence. Currently the minimum number of exposures you're able to set is 10 also in this mode. I agree that this should be updated that you can select the the number of exposures up to 100 in single increments.
For a single bulb exposure you could use the Single/Bulb Mode. But that mode doesn't feature the setting of a start time. To keep this mode as simple as it is I wouldn't change it.

#3 Clear Skies
Hi Dominique,

The Timed TL mode does allow a start time but not a single exposure, nor a continuous firing signal.
The Bulb mode does allow a continuous firing signal but not a single exposure, nor a start time.

Hence the feature request.

For aesthetic purposes: image of this morning attached ;-)

Victor van Wulfen
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Clear Skies
2019-08-02, 13:58
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