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Two sd photo files merge

#1 frankvaron
I had a long time lapse in which I had to change the sd card. My camera file setting was set in such a manner that restarted the numbering 1,2,3,..etc. so how do I merge and rename? I want to read up on it first before even trying it.

Could I use a bulk rename tool to rename the photo files fro sd card 1 first in a folder, copy the other files fro sd card 2 to same folder then rename all the photo files in the folder? After this is completed THEN I could bring the photo images numerically sequenced in to LRTimelapse? Or is there a better way?

Open to suggestions. Thank you in advance

#2 gwegner
If you use the LRTimelapse importer, you don't have to deal with anything. Just make sure tjat the rename option is activated (it's default and will prefix date/time before any photo while importing).
if you already have imported the images to your hard drive, just use the rename feature in LRTimelapse (press F2). It will allow you to rename the sequenc in the same way.
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#3 frankvaron
Thank you!

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